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Fuji Robotics is the Worlds Largest Robotic Palletizer Manufacturer and has installed 17000 Robotic System. Fuji Yusoki Kogyo Co., Ltd, Founded in April 13,1994 and Headquarters at Sanyo-Onoda, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

Fuji Robotics is the Leading Manufacturer of Automatic & Industrial Robotic Palletizer which is used for loading and offloading industrial products such as bottles, cartons, boxes, etc. We are the World Top Manufacturers of Robotic Palletizer with Energy Saving Models such as Low-Medium Robotic Palletizer, High Speed Robotic Palletizer, Heavy Payload Robotic Palletizer.

Fuji Robotics offers a fully automated Robotic System that ensures no human contact during the Palletizing Operation. We emphasize a lot on the safety of the Robotic palletizer by perfectly using automation at all the possible pinch points in the system. The smooth handling of the product and efficient stacking of the boxes on pallet results in less product damages. While the system works in high-speed, high-volume production applications, it can make adjustments on the fly, switching seamlessly between product types without the need to stop the line to change programming.


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  • Ours is a technology and service company of Fuji Group International Network
  • The Fuji Group does not believe that it will be the end once the product is delivered.
  • Rather, we think that time is the beginning of important relationships with customers.
  • How can we use the equipment safely for customers for a long time?
  • How can we deliver the maximum satisfaction to our customers? That answer is Fuji Service.
  • Back-up file on configuration setting parameter for every robot dispatch by Fuji Yusoki for ease of support
  • Inbuilt self-diagnostic ALLSOFT to reflect condition of robot, provide useful information for Fuji engineer to sup